How to begin?
  • In the first screen, enter a bitcoin address where you want to receive your prizes (this should be an address that you control).
  • This address will be associated to the game so you can come back when you want to use your credits.
  • How to make a deposit?
  • A deposit address will be generated and shown at the top left corner of the screen.
  • You can send bitcions to that address in any moment. They will be converted to coins after 2 confirmations in the blockchain.
  • You will get 1 coin per each 0.001 bitcoin (1 mBTC). You can send as many bitcoins as you want, although we recommend a maximum of 0.1 BTC (100 coins).
  • How to play?
  • Once you have credit, you can choose how much coins to bet and then press the BET button, to start a hand.
  • Five cards will be shown. Click the ones you want to hold, and then press the DEAL button.
  • Cards not held will be discarded and changed by new ones.
  • If you get Two pairs or a higher hand, you will win a prize.
  • How to play again?
  • If you have remaining credit, you can adjust your bet and start a new hand with the button BET.
  • You can play as many games as you want while you have remaining credit.
  • What happens if I lost connection?
  • You can leave the game and come back in any moment, by just entering one of the two bitcoin addresses asociated to the game, and your credit will be there
  • How to cash out?
  • You can cash your credit out in any moment, with the button CASH OUT. All your credits will be converted to bitcoins and sent INSTANTLY to the address you choose at the beginning, with a top of 1 bitcoin per try.
  • Which are the prizes?

    Prizes list

    The prizes will be multiplied by the coins you bet in each hand.

    Pair: 0
    Two pair: 2
    Three of a kind: 3
    Straight: 6
    Flush: 7
    Full house: 9
    Four of a kind: 20
    Straight flush: 50

    Good luck!